To all the ParkingCrew employees:
Take a minute of silence to realize how lucky you are

Not everyone is as lucky as you are, to be working with such a hero.
Treasure every moment. Remember what this feels like for when you're old so you can tell your children and grandchildren about this phenomenon.

  • Riches
  • Fame
  • Performance

A beautiful smile.
He melts your heart with his charisma.

Just let go of your worries and problems. Trust in the Kaltz!

Always on top of things!
Also fences.

If you work hard enough, you could be lucky enough to be allowed to massage his feet.

Productivity like no other

Some say Axel had 3 business calls, an extensive lunch and replied to all of his emails during the taking of this photograph.

There will be a daily praise & worship session at 14:00 at the ParkingCrew office.

Please make sure to purchase your tickets 2 months in advance
due to expected large crowds

  • Paper planes

    Those are pretty awesome.

  • Laptop

    Axel also owns a laptop.

  • Code thingies

    Axel doesn't need code. He makes things happen by looking at them.

  • Music

    The praise and worship songs will be available on iTunes shortly.

  • Sauna love

    I heard Axel loves to go to the sauna. Not surprising for a man that walks on fire.

  • Number one

    Always finishing first. No elaboration necessary.

So Axel, Enough fun.
This domain name is a gift to you.

Send me an email through the button on the right.
Guess who made this site right & you will receive the domain.